Kitchen by mistake = “MODULAR KITCHEN”

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As I write down my first ever words I am filled with lots of thoughts, ideas, feelings and questions and I am quiet optimistic of doing justice to them one by one.

As we start and the title suggest this is about a concept that is gaining tremendous popularity in today’s world irrespective of age and gender. Everyone out there in the society is so fantasised and amused by the following two words called “Modular Kitchen”. Since I have been from this trade I can just figure out while interacting with the people that everyone is so attracted to this concept and quiet curious about it that a person even with basic knowledge seems to be no less than an engineer to them. And if you happens to be on consumer side every member of family has a contribution in providing inputs to the designer irrespective of the fact that how many times do they enter the kitchen to indulge in cooking.

By title ‘a kitchen by chance’ I am trying to convey the feelings of n numbers of consumers who come to a kitchen dealer with n numbers of dream and end up getting a room that is being fit with some modules that are factory made (in case if they truly are) and have some functional value but do they have some kitchen values as well? I doubt.

Now question arises where does the problem start? from where do we get off track and end up feeling fooled by the reseller?? Why the product of our dream turns out to be a nightmare for us??? Despite of spending a handsome amount on it.

Well, until the kitchen is being assembled everything goes well but as soon as the modules are being put together and assembled things look out to be little bit different than what we have imagined. And at last the final product may aesthetically resemble the 3D drawings but it definitely lack some serious kitchen values which a household lady needs in day to day life. 


Now if we’re all old enough and remember what kitchen used to be in our childhood , then you will get an image of a room where all groceries or consumables were stored and we had a clay moulded subject which was popularly called “chullah” in Hindi. That was a true kitchen where food had a hidden ingridient called ‘Love’. When mother used to cook food to feed the family and the entire process brought satisfaction to her rather than it being a liability. Although, I have no questions on today’s mom as well, they are equally good.

Since, at that time land holdings were big and Hindus family were mostly undivided we had larger quantity of grains and even larger space to store them all but task of cooking food at that time was quiet a hectic and tiring job, a whole lot of efforts were used to put in to cook food and much more strength was required to clean utensils after cooking it. So it was a lengthy and Hard working process. 
Evolution of mankind, urbanisation and shrinkage of land holdings gave birth to a better version of kitchen. a whole lot of efforts were put in to make the whole task much more comfortable and a quick process than what it originally used to be. So, we came up with a version called “CIVIL KITCHEN” where cooking and cleaning were assigned different space in a room and it was made sure that the kitchen room has enough ptorage place for new age groceries, utensils and confectionaries. And for the first time ever Indian mom came across an invention called gas burners who made cooking task whole lot easier and healthier which gave a lot of relief to every Indian super mom, and it provided them an extra time to indulge themselves in some better productive activities. 


With the rapid urbanisation and globalisation cooking food became a passion for many and people started experimenting with the regular food and tried their hands on other cuisine as well, now instant food like Maggi came into our kitchen, by this time India’s first master chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor broke the ice and made the entire country realised that this too can be taken as a profession, not only this, he also started cookery show that encouraged Indian moms to try something new with their recepies and bring out different taste from same or added ingredients. By this time India entered the global market by opening its door to foreign countries that led to flow in of different cuisines and technologies in this particular place.

This Led to addition of new consumable groceries, various ingredients, utensils and whole new appliances that can make task easier but this also led to requirement of adjusting the above in the same kitchen space. Now this shrinkage of space and increase in products made us utilise each and every space of a kitchen be it corner or wall and to utilise this space different hardware and accessories were being used along with factory made shutters to make it functional and aesthetic at the same time. And this was one of the prime motive of evolution of modular kitchens in India. 

By this time our kitchen was the least neglected area of our home, kitchen for us meant to be just a place with granite slab covered with wooden shutters to prevent the entry of unwanted guests. At last but not the least it was just a place to cook food that’s it.

Now with the inflow of global technology and design the concept of modular kitchen took birth in India which was a mystery that time and that seems to be still unlocked.

Why MODULAR KITCHEN is still a mystery???

Now if u just enquire what’s the prime motive of a buyer in India to buy a modular kitchen?? His/her answer would be ‘aesthetic’ . It looks good, add values to the home and it makes the task easier.

Functionality is still the last motive of making a kitchen modular which was basically the prime motive of invention of modular kitchen. 

One has to understand kitchen itself is a subject and modular fittings add value as well as complications to this particular space. The designers or kitchen planner or consultant has a major role to play in guiding consumers to choose the right plan, right product and the right placement of those products to make kitchen functional which is aesthetically good but this whole exercise requires time, pain and convincing efforts which hardly anyone is putting in. Everyone out here is busy in counting figures, profits and achieving their targets.

Now with all these juggles and confusion we end up making a blunder, wasting client’s hard money, your efforts and the concept.

Unwillingly summing this up here with a thought of  writing a new one on KITCHEN DESIGNERS/PLANNER soon where I will try to touch all the points that play an important role in making kitchen space a perfect one for a lady with the help of modules available.
Your feedbacks and suggestions would be appreciated.
Signing off!

Harshit Rajput